Philosophical Counseling: Applied Philosophy in Action

"The Philosophical Consultant"

Philosophical counseling is a professional practice that relies on the use of philosophy to help individuals tackle life more effectively. The philosophical consultant, a professional in the field of philosophy, takes an approach that stimulates the reflection and self-awareness of the client, providing tools to explore questions, doubts, and problems through philosophical thinking.

This approach is founded on two fundamental principles:

  1. The value of philosophical inquiry: Philosophy can offer answers to questions about how to lead a good or meaningful life. It deals with fundamental issues such as the meaning of life, values, interpersonal relationships, justice, and morality. It provides a variety of perspectives and tools to better understand oneself and the surrounding world.
  2. The principle of philosophical theory: Philosophical thinking is a powerful tool for self-reflection. It teaches critical thinking, evaluating one’s own beliefs, and finding creative solutions to problems. It helps in developing greater self-awareness and awareness of the world, enabling more conscious decision-making.

Philosophical counseling can be beneficial for those facing a challenging moment in life or seeking to deepen their worldview.


"Men are disturbed not by things, but by the views which they take of things" Epitteto
Un consulente filosofico e un cliente si incontrano per una sessione di consulenza. Il consulente ascolta attentamente il cliente mentre racconta le sue preoccupazioni.

Philosophical Counseling

Philosophy helps us identify and evaluate the arguments that shape our emotional and relational life.

Filosofia Aziendale

Corporate Philosophy

The philosopher can guide a company toward innovation through critical thinking, offering a real business opportunity.

L'etica aziendale è l'insieme di valori e norme che derivano dalla cultura dell'azienda e il suo obiettivo è migliorare aspetti come l'ambiente di lavoro, promuovere l'uguaglianza, il rispetto dei dirit

Business Ethics

Professional Ethics, to examine ethical principles and moral or ethical issues that may arise in a corporate environment.

La consulenza filosofica è un'attività professionale che si pone l'obiettivo di aiutare le persone a riflettere in modo critico e consapevole sulla propria vita e sulle proprie scelte. Il consulente filosofico non fornisce soluzioni o consigli, ma accompagna il consultante in un percorso di autoriflessione, aiutandolo a comprendere meglio se stesso e il mondo che lo circonda.